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Our history started back in 1978, when as a young man, I came to Boston from Damascus, Syria to attend Northeastern University College of Engineering. In 1983 I was offered my first job for a small engineering company, where I started ed as a Junior bridge engineer performing bridge inspection and analysis throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. From that modest start my career took off in ways I didn’t imagine, thanks in large part to excellent mentoring, hard work, and the love and commitments to the profession of civil engineering. As an overachiever, I learned to overwork and outperform my peers and competitors. I have been very fortunate throughout my professional career to have the opportunity to work, contribute and be a part of some of the most challenging projects in the civil engineering arena, that were designed and constructed nationally and internationally. From  the Boston Harbor Cleanup  and the Central Artery/Tunnel Project “Big Dig”, in Massachusetts. In 2003 and after completing my assignment as one of the youngest project managers on the Big Dig and in support of the US Army and US State Department as a civilian contractor, I was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq for 5 years. In March 2008, and after completing my assignments and US Government related work, I left my job to start AJA Engineering, with the commitment of providing our clients with the same dedication, hard work, and innovative solutions and design that my extensive national and international experience had taught me. In September 2009, I was drafted away from AJA to work for a US consultant firm and to lead a US Government sponsored  $1.2 Billion infrastructure project in Afghanistan. During the assignment and the ensuing years, AJA Engineering remained operational without my full-time involvement. Between 2012 until March of 2018, I was an executive vice president for a 6000-person engineering consulting firm, where I was the national leader for all transportation work as well as the chief engineer. With an improved economy and national recognition for the need to rebuild our infrastructure systems, the time was right for me to rejoin AJA Engineering as a full-time employee serving as the President.

As the founder, my extensive 35 years’ of experience will be brought into every project we design/manage, or assist in. We will handle each project, regardless of size with a distinctive perspective and integrity. We look forward to being your clear choice for design and professional services.

Aboud J Alzaim, PE

President and Founder

Our goal is to be know for providing quality, professional, reliable, and cost effective servcies.

Our goal is to be know for providing quality, professional, reliable, and cost effective servcies.