Residential Home Design and Modification

AJA Engineering provided structural design for several residential homes, from new construction, to modifications and  major additions.  


52 Rogers Street, Quincy, MA


4 Sedgwick Lane, Lenox , MA



Religious and Community Service centers

AJA Engineering provided complete architectural and structural designs for a number of religious and community service centers. The work included developing and establishing design concept, mission statement, client specific needs, as well as building code compliance, assessment review and  building use program.  Shown to the left is the Fall River Islamic Center- 403 Division Street- Fall River . 


Andover-Newton Theological School- Needham


Unity Sport and Cultural Club- 10 Dunbar Ave., Dorchester


Telecommunication Tower Design

AJA Engineering, as a sub consultant, provided structural design services for major telecommunication carriers. Our services include structural analysis,  design and repairs/retrofit modifications for many tower types throughout New England.  


Industrial and Commercial Facilities

AJA Engineering provided the structural design for industrial type  structures at the following locations:  

·         Walmart- Super Center, Halifax

·         US Petroleum Maintenance Garage- 664 Wash St- Quincy

·         Twin Rivers Technologies- Quincy

·         233 Condor Street- East Boston


Twin Rivers Technologies


Investment Due Diligence and Insurance claims

AJA Engineering provides structural inspections, assessments, and  evaluations for investors and insurance companies for a number of varying  structure types from high rise to single family homes. Among our projects are  the followings:  

·         345 Dwight Street, Holyoke

·         201 Pleasant Street- Gardner

·         1462 Main Street- Reading 


Bridges & Highways

Bridge Inspection, Load Rating, and Assessment 

AJA Engineering, as a sub consultant, provided structural engineering and  cost estimate reviews and assessments for structural damage to a number of  bridges, as well as bridge inspection and live load rating for Mass DOT, MBTA,  NJ Turnpike and private clients.  The following are representative projects:     

·       Mechanic Street over Mumford river- MassDOT- Douglas 

 ·       Clement Street bridge over Mill River- MassDOT- Northampton  

·       Langley Road bridge- MBTA- Newton  

·       Shining Rock Golf Course Bridges- Northbridge  

·       Bridge Structure No. 13.18 US Rte 322 over NJ Turnpike


Bridge Structure No. 13.18 US Rte 322 over NJ Turnpike


Rebuilding I-93: Salem to Manchester, NH

Mr. Alzaim preformed this project while with prior affiliation